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Corruption of Government Essay - 1313 Words

The unlawful use of a person’s position while in power leads to multiple problems with today’s government. The corrupt methods politicians use are ideas that are strictly in place for personal gain. Present throughout history and still prevalent within today’s world, government corruption has consisted of a number of negative issues including bribery, economic and social impacts, and the misuse of power. Government’s role within daily life has been shown to have negative effects as seen in many aspects of life as well as in literature. Bribery can be defined as when one is offered money or some other incentive with the intention to corrupt a person’s actions. ¬ Bribery is the main component, if not the basis, of government corruption.†¦show more content†¦If anyone in Equality’s society were to disobey the Council, they would be punished. â€Å"We have seen one of such men burned alive in the square of the City. And it was a sight which has stayed with us through the years, and it haunts us, and follows us, and it gives us no rest. We were a child then, ten years old. And we stood in the great square with all the children and all the men of the City, sent to behold the burning. They brought the Transgressor out into the square and they led them to the pyre. They had torn out the tongue of the Transgressor, so that they could speak no longer† (Rand 50). The Council had shown the community the burning of the Transgressor as a threatening bribe so that the community would know not to disobey The Council, because if they did they would be punished. The threat of punishment was an indirect form of bribery placed by that society’s government on its daily life. Bribery is one of the negative side effects that result from the corruption of government actions. There are also economic effects that result from government corruption. These economic effects coincided with bribery. People who work for compani es that are at risk of being shut down for health or other reasons will pay any amount to make their problems go away. In Mexico, food store owners such as Jose Luis Garcia will pay anywhere from $50-$100 to have inspectors turn the other way (Archibold). This happens on a small scale such asShow MoreRelatedCorruption in Government4697 Words   |  19 PagesCorruption in Leadership: Public Service and Government Cynthia Klecha Abstract Corruption throughout the world is extensive. Corruption is defined as the twisting of integrity. A corrupt individual is an opponent of the truth; their virtues and ethics are deficient. In the United States, people in all positions of private district, public assistance, and government bureaus have been entangled in varieties ofRead MoreCorruption Of The Russian Government1606 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Over the past decade (from 2004 to 2014), political corruption in Russia government is gradually uncovered by some global medias and organizations. Such tendency not only repainted the entire landscape of Russia government, but also raised public awareness on the significance of preventing a greater deterioration of this political phenomenon worldwide. This report aims to prove such political phenomenon is unethical through the comparison with code of conduct, and to provide tangible measuresRead MoreEssay on Government Corruption1158 Words   |  5 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Over the last few years, the issue of corruption--the abuse of public office for private gain--has attracted renewed interest, both among academics and policymakers. There are a number of reasons why this topic has come under recent inspection. Corruption scandals have toppled governments in both major industrial countries and developing countries. In the transition countries, the shift from command economies to free market economies has created massive opportunitiesRead MoreCorruption In The Ukraine Government1483 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The educational challenges endured by the Ukrainian government and its citizens is a suitable option for the final comparison paper. Ukraine shares a longstanding history with Russia having only attained independence in 1991, and the government aimed to cultivate a relationship with Western Europe, particularly the European Union (EU). Discouragingly, twenty six years after independence Ukraine wrestles with a depleted economy inherited from former and first President LeonidRead MoreCorruption of Foreign Governments Essay1214 Words   |  5 PagesCorruption can be defined as the misuse of entrusted power for personal benefit. It can also be described as letting personal or family relationships influence economic decision making, be it by private economic agents or by government officials. Corruption is always kept secret and therefore individual behavior of corrupt agents is almost impossible to observe systematically in real life. The objectives of government are vital to the understanding of the diverse negative effectsRead MoreGovernment Corruption Of Latin America1371 Words   |  6 Pageskidnapping, drug trafficking, child pornography, lack of women’s rights, and little accountability over the region’s law makers and authorities which can lead to government corruption (para. 12). Government corruption can be defined as political power used by government leaders for private gain and to maintain their power as a government official. Most of the times these corrupt politicians in Latin America say they are accomplishing apprehension of criminals to the best of their abilities when, inRead MoreCorruption Of Government Of New Zealand1405 Words   |  6 Pagestopic is about Corruption related to government sectors in New Zealand. I decided to search about this topic because I found the presentation about police in the class was interesting. The topic about corruption is interesting because the money is often from our tax and it is whether the government uses it in an appropriate and responsible way. In general, Corruption occurs when someone make use of governments’ power or money for their own interest. My topic relates to government sectors, taxationRead MoreGovernment Corruption : Exposing The Truth2940 Words   |  12 Pages 2014 Government Corruption Exposing the Truth What is one world problem that can be reduced drastically by citizens of the world? That would be political and governmental corruption. Some countries it may be easier to have a impact than others like in America and that is why as an American citizen taking the most steps that we can to help this problem is not just our right but our duty. In the United States contrary to the average citizens conditioning towards the government corruption isn’t reallyRead MoreEssay on Corruption in US Government1991 Words   |  8 Pagesgiving the colonials a square deal. This story gives American’s pride in their identity and government. It also serves to legitimize the current US Government, for the current officials follow the same Constitution set up by those Patriots who fought the British. However, since the founding of the US Government there have been numerous cases in which the government has betrayed its people and committed corruption. When the media finds out about such a corrupt act, generally a scapegoat bears the entiretyRead MoreThe Government Protecting Citizens from Corruption1330 Words   |  5 Pagesperson is liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, the role within the United States government is to carry out essential responsibilities its citizens cannot perform. The United States citizens are responsible of electing politicians into government positions to solve the problems the country faces. One of those problems is corruption. The power of money is at the center of political corruption and even though fraud has been in existence for a long time, in recent years it has become a

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Shortcuts to List of Essay Topics Only a Few People Know

Shortcuts to List of Essay Topics Only a Few People Know What List of Essay Topics Is - and What it Is Not Morality has a collection of unsolved problems, the solution on which usually presents a selection. The main aim of topic choice for a proposal essay is to show the idea can be put into place in practice. The central intention of any introduction is presenting the major idea of your definition essay, in different words, you are to state clearly what it is you are likely to define. There's, clearly, a limit on the variety of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but usually, we can satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. Some students utilize the very first idea which arrives in their head and work on it, but the outcome isn't profitable. Very often it becomes hard to choose a single topic either due to the many ideas in the student's head, or due to their complete absence. Whether you presently have a topic in mind or want guidance in locating the ideal option possible, our team members will be able to help you create a 100% unique and authentic essay that will satisfy all your academic requirements. Always think deeply about how to make a superior essay structure it's a significant part academic writing. In the procedure for writing research articles, it's essential to adhere to a specific topic. You might believe that interesting essay titles do all of the work, permitting you to add obvious examples and share ordinary ideas. To begin with, your key to winning essay is a crystal clear comprehension of what it is you're likely to take care of. Obviously, you won't always have a true situation to discuss for every single topic sometimes you've got to borrow ideas from different people or simply apply your imagination. Each time that you want to make sure your persuasive speech success, you should go far past the topic and words you have prepared. Opt for a prompt at random from above, or pick a topic which you think will be hard that you detach from (because you're going to want to write about this issue, instead of the argument) set timer to 50 minutes and compose the essay. Selecting a topic is an essential issue that partly estimates final success of the job. The Appeal of List of Essay Topics Specifically, it is all about the rules of citation, for instance, an APA research paper format. Be attentive to the size it must be and get started writing the narrative essay outline. Then, there's the format. To compose an outstanding essay, it's critical to use specific academic language. Among the various types of essay, there's a definition essay that could appear to be among the most simple assignments. Different essay types need various questions. When you have that narrowed down, you can concentrate your research and compose a remarkable paper. You simply must be in a position to be comfortable with a couple examples, and be certain you can effectively relate them to your analysis. Recycling is the sole method to conserve Earth. Deciding on a writing topic can be stressful regardless of what subject you're writing over. You've approached the last portion of your essay. At any time you catch yourself feeling captivated by an individu essay or article, take a good look at it. Try out another topic and do the exact same 5-minute writing test till you locate a topic you know you can readily write on. Opt for an intriguing essay topic, and you are going to begin enjoying it.

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Alan Klein Sugarball Free Essays

Alan Klein’s Sugarball is both a historical overview and cultural study of how citizens of the Dominican Republic not only enjoy baseball but use it as a means of cultural self-expression and, more importantly, resistance to American domination of their small country.   Though not openly hostile to the United States, the Dominican public uses baseball as a means of asserting pride and equality in the face of long, formidable neocolonial domination. Baseball is a specifically American entity only partly because it was created and evolved in the United States, where for decades it remained the dominant spectator sport. We will write a custom essay sample on Alan Klein Sugarball or any similar topic only for you Order Now    More importantly, Klein asserts, baseball is uniquely American in how it has spread to other nations and dominates the game elsewhere.   It has the largest and strongest organization, the richest teams, largest fan base, most lucrative broadcasting and advertising contracts, and most extensive networks for scouting and player development. Baseball’s presence in the Dominican Republic (among the western hemisphere’s poorest nations) is also uniquely American because, as with other aspects of American culture, it was brought there as American domination spread throughout the Caribbean American interests assumed control of the Dominican economy. However, unlike other American corporations, Major League Baseball did not provoke widespread, unmitigated resentment, but is for the most part supported by the nation’s people.   In addition, the methods long used to scout and sign Dominican ballplayers is similarly dubious and rifer with duplicity; Klein calls their methods â€Å"so reminiscent of those of the West African slave traders of three centuries earlier† (42). In terms of the game itself, the rules and style in each are generally the same, and while Dominicans play the game with an intensity equal with Americans, their approach to other aspects of baseball are more casual, reflecting that society’s leniency and lax approach to time.   While Dominican players play as hard as their American teammates and opponents, they embrace a much more casual attitude toward time, frequently showing up late for meetings or practice unless specifically required to be punctual.   In addition, they tend to be more exuberant and unrestrained; playing the game seriously is not equated with a somber demeanor. Most of the differences lie off the field, particularly in the atmosphere of a stadium on game day.   The fan culture is radically different; where American fans are more restrained, often get to games on time, and can sometimes be confrontational with other fans, Dominican fans are generally louder, more physically and temperamentally relaxed, more effusive (even with strangers), and, despite the demonstrative body language and shouting shown in arguments, there is far less violence than at an American ballgame. Klein attributes this to the fact that â€Å"[Dominican fans] are far more social than North Americans, more in tune with human frailty.   Because they see so much human vulnerability, because they are closer to the margins of life, they are more likely to resist the urge to bully and harm† (148). Economic power essentially defines the relationship between American and Dominican baseball, because Major League Baseball develops and signs much of the local Dominican talent, leaving the Dominican professional league and amateur ranks underdeveloped and subordinate to the North American teams who establish baseball academies and working agreements with Dominican teams. Since 1955, when the major leagues established working agreements with Dominican professional clubs (and, more significantly, eliminated the â€Å"color line† that prevented most Dominicans, who are predominantly mulatto, from playing), American baseball has shown its hegemony over its Dominican counterpart, turning the latter into a virtual colony by taking its raw resources and giving back very little in return.   Klein comments: â€Å"The lure of cheap, abundant talent in the Dominican Republic led American teams to establish a more substantial presence there . . . [and the] bonds between American and Dominican baseball came increasingly to resemble other economic and political relations between the two countries† (36). Klein writes that most Dominicans accept American dominance of their baseball, adding that â€Å"whereas giants such as Falconbridge and GTE are resented, major league teams are largely supported† (2), mainly because Dominican players have such a notable presence and bring positive attention to their impoverished homeland.   This support is by no means unconditional, though; they steadfastly refuse to approach the game with American businesslike gravitas; instead, they treat the game itself somewhat like Carnival, with joy coexisting alongside energetic, intense play. Resistance appears in the way Dominican players relax at home, interacting more freely with fans, who themselves resist American baseball’s decorum by being themselves and creating a festive, effusive, Carnival-like atmosphere.   According to Klein, â€Å"The game remains American in structure, but its setting is Dominican and it has become infused with Dominican values† (149).   Indeed, the park fosters a microcosm of Dominican society, particularly its impoverished economy, and unlike the more slick American baseball business, it does not exclude its marginal activities. In addition to the paid vendors and park employees within the stadium, an illicit economy flourishes both within and on the outside, with self-appointed â€Å"car watchers,† vendors, and ushers (adults and children alike) plying their trade for small fees, and bookmakers work openly, often in the presence of the police, who turn a blind eye to most illegal activity aside from the rare fight. Dominican baseball’s symbolic significance is not a sense of the pastoral heritage, like some in America interpret it; instead, it reflects Dominicans’ sense of themselves being dominated by the United States, and offers a symbolic outlet for striking back. In his preface, Klein writes: â€Å"The tensions between a batter who has two strikes against him and the opposing pitcher are a metaphor for the political and cultural tensions described in this book† (xi).   Indeed, the Dominican republic’s deeply entrenched poverty and long domination by foreign powers give it a feeling of vulnerability and compel its people to seek some means of besting the dominant power – if not politically or economically, then at least athletically. At the start of the book, Klein states that â€Å"every turn at bat is a candle of hope, every swing is the wave of a banner, the sweeping arc of a sword† (1).   Indeed, when a Dominican reaches the major leagues and excels, it is not merely an athletic success story but a symbolic invasion and conquest of the conqueror’s territory.   (The United States twice occupied the Dominican Republic in the twentieth century, an ever-present fact in Dominicans’ minds.) Also, the atmosphere in the crowd of a Dominican professional game serves as the country’s symbolic assertion of its culture in the face of American dominance.   At Santo Domingo’s Quisqueya Stadium, one witnesses â€Å"a mass spectacle that makes simultaneous use of American and Dominican elements. . . . [Baseball] at Quisqueya embodies many of the things that North Americans find blameworthy in Dominican culture – lateness, overly casual behavior, inefficiency.   But the Dominicans see these characteristics as a source of pride, and they take their game seriously† (150). The Dominican baseball press is a source of more open resistance; says Klein, â€Å"the press has inadvertently created a Latino universe of discourse, one in which North Americans are conspicuously absent† (127).   Its journalists display an obvious bias by devoting so much attention to Dominicans in the major leagues that one hardly knows other nationalities even participate. In addition, Dominican baseball writers openly blame Dominican baseball’s problems on American control, protesting a skewed economic relationship that mirrors the larger political and economic imbalance.   They promote much of the public’s pride, says Klein, but that pride is â€Å"tempered by the view that Dominican baseball is still an adjunct to the American game† (121).   Dominican resistance is thus aimed at countering this uncomfortable fact. In baseball terms, American culture interacts with Dominican culture by treating it with some degree of condescension and insensitivity.   Many American baseball professionals are impatient with Dominicans’ loose sense of time, quickly deeming Latino players uncoachable â€Å"head cases,† without looking at the cultural differences. Among Dominicans, says Klein, â€Å"There is none of the regimentation, guardedness, and nervous tension that characterizes players in the United States.   North American managers must take this looseness into account when they go to the Caribbean, for the players’ conception of the game and of time is as elastic as that of other Dominicans† (148). Despite the United States’ long domination of the Dominican Republic, the small nation’s people feel less anger than a mixture of muted resentment and aspiration to attain American material prosperity and stability, which for most are a distant, unreachable ideal.   Thus, when Dominican ballplayers reach the major leagues, their large salaries represent a sort of victory and source of immense pride for the small island nation.   Says Klein, â€Å"Much as archeological treasures attest to a rich Dominican past, salaries attest to the present† (128). Klein’s study pays keen attention not only to Dominican history but also to the ways in which Dominicans embrace this imported sport but also use their prowess to offer their own subtle response to American political and economic dominance.   The dynamic he describes illustrates not only American hegemony, but also how subordinated peoples’ identity and spirit can thrive even in the face of foreign domination. Klein, Alan M.   Sugarball.   New Haven: Yale University Press, 1991. How to cite Alan Klein Sugarball, Essay examples

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Platos Allegory of the Cave Meaning and Interpretation Essay Example

Platos Allegory of the Cave: Meaning and Interpretation Essay Platos Allegory of the Cave: Meaning and Interpretation Of all the beliefs, the most important and difficult to prove are the matters we cannot see but just feel and perceive. Platos allegory of the cave is a illustration of truth, which is left out in the war of reasoning. Plato was a Greek philosopher and mathematician who left his mark in history. His classical philosophies on human nature reveal the basic truth as well as the flaws in the psychological evolution of mankind. Platos allegory of the cave is a hypothetical scenario depicted by an enlightening conversation between Socrates and Platos brother, Glaucon. The conversation basically deals with the ignorance of humanity trapped within the precincts of conventional ethics. As indicated by the term Homo sapiens, they refer to the not-so sapient humans, but to the more civilized and cultivated form of animals. For spiritual evolution, an in-depth understanding of mother nature and the truth behind the things which cannot be seen, is also very important. Description of the Cave While describing the story, Socrates asks Glaucon to imagine a cave inhabited by people. These men are prisoners, and their hands and legs are shackled by chains(which symbolizes ignorance and little knowledge of the real world) . Moreover, the movement of their face is also restricted, so that they can see nothing but the wall in front of them(so that they only know single type of knowledge). This restricted movement limits their visibility to the wall, thus restricting the scope of any encounter beyond it. There is an enormous fire on the ground, and between the wall and the fire is a walkway meant for objects to pass. We will write a custom essay sample on Platos Allegory of the Cave: Meaning and Interpretation specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Platos Allegory of the Cave: Meaning and Interpretation specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Platos Allegory of the Cave: Meaning and Interpretation specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The shadows of these objects fall directly on the wall providing the sole view for the prisoners. Hence, the only way for the prisoners to get acquainted with their surroundings is to translate the shadows and consider them to be a part of the real world. They start naming each and every object, and amongst all the prisoners, the intellect of an individual is governed by his ability to judge those objects. enable According to Plato, the idea of the world for prisoners is limited within the boundaries of the cave. The shadows are treated as real objects and there are pseudo intellectuals who claim to understand the world based on these shadows. The prisoners are not able to perceive the truth of nature because of their limited view. Escape of a Prisoner from the Cave Moving on with the description, Plato says that if somehow a prisoner manages to break the shackles and escapes from the cave, the world he gets to see outside goes beyond his comprehension. He, like all the prisoners, is accustomed to dim light, and the light of the sun makes him turn his gaze away from it. Slowly he gets accustomed to the existence of the new world, which describes the fallacy of that inside the cave. On his intellectual journey, he discovers the true reality, the beauty of mother nature and an almost divine experience of the newly found mystical world. Interpretation of Platos Allegory of the Cave Now as the prisoner returns back to the cave, he feels his moral duty to make others aware of the truth he has just discovered. He tries to persuade his companions that outside there is a more real world, and what all has been seen by them are mere shadows of the real objects. He tries to point out the deep-rooted ignorance of the fellow prisoners who are trapped within their own confinement of pseudo intellectualism. But the prisoners try to resist enlightenment and condemn him for the moral misconduct and loss of ethical values. These values, which are not governed by the duplications of nature but the fallacy of shadows cast on the wall, are considered to be the truth by the prisoners of the cave. Everything that goes beyond these values, tends to lie in the domain of unconventional thoughts, which are always resisted by human beings. This cave metaphor can be replaced by a movie theater, where the screen serves as wall of the cave and the projector as the fire. In this case also, the objects seen are not real ones, but a reflection on the movie screen. The creativity of Plato, along with his deep understanding of human nature, makes him to create a scenario which shows the mankind a true picture of an imaginary world. We all may acquire and comprehend the world around us as our experience of physical objects, but it would be a mistake to limit ourselves to the conventional thoughts indentured by our stubbornness towards change

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Aneurysms essays

Aneurysms essays While in the my seventh grade P.E. class, I was pulled aside and told that my mother, Frances, was in the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, I learned that my mother was diagnosed with five cerebral aneurysms. That morning while she was at work, three of the aneurysms burst. At that time in my life I didnt know what they were, but I knew that my mother was in a bad condition. My mother was life-flighted to Herman Hospital in Houston, Texas. There she endured hours of extensive, tedious surgery, and a swift recovery. This recovery time was passed quickly by prayer, and family togetherness. I have reason to believe that among all of the family, I was hurt the most with this misfortune. My mother and I had never before shared a close relationship. This incident brought about the prospect of losing her. It not only worried me, but also it improved our relationship. Seeing the tubes and IVs in my mother was very traumatizing. I thought that this was a one time only occurrence; I w as extremely wrong. In November 2001, my Aunt Mavies died of what is believed to be an aortic aneurysm. In an instant my best friend was taken from me. The only discrepancy between the two cases was the fact that my aunts aneurysm burst in her stomach. Recently, one of my other aunts, Clarissa, was screened, and the doctors have diagnosed an aneurysm. She is extremely afraid that her time on Earth is short because of the severity of the other two cases in our family. Current studies show that aneurysms can be passed throughout a family. Moreover, I could possibly be the recipient of this life threatening occurrence. To help cease my aunts worries and to aid my curiosity, I have been trying to load my mind with the knowledge of aneurysms. But three questions remain unanswered in my quest. What exactly is an aneurysm?; What causes them?; and What can be done to resist or prevent them? First of all, understanding what an aneurysm is will...

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Spider Monkey Facts (Ateles)

Spider Monkey Facts (Ateles) Spider monkeys are New World monkeys belonging to the genus Ateles. They have long limbs and prehensile tails, giving them the appearance of large arboreal spiders. The name Ateles comes from the Greek word atà ©leia, which means incomplete and refers to the spider monkeys lack of thumbs. Fast Facts: Spider Monkey Scientific Name: Ateles sp.Common Name: Spider monkeyBasic Animal Group: MammalSize: 14-26 inch body; up to 35 inch tailWeight:13-24 poundsLifespan: 20-27 yearsDiet: OmnivoreHabitat: Central and South American rain forestsPopulation: DecreasingConservation Status: Vulnerable to Critically Endangered Species There are seven species and seven subspecies of spider monkey. The species are the red-faced spider monkey, white-fronted spider monkey, Peruvian spider monkey, brown (variegated) spider monkey, white-cheeked spider monkey, brown-headed spider monkey, and Geoffroys spider monkey. Spider monkeys are closely related to woolly monkeys and howler monkeys. Description Spider monkeys have extremely long limbs and prehensile tails. The tails have hairless tips and grooves resembling fingerprints. The monkeys have small heads with hairless faces and wide-set nostrils. Their hands are narrow with long, curved fingers and reduced or non-existent thumbs. Depending on the species, hair color may be white, gold, brown, or black. The hands and feet are usually black. Males tend to be slightly larger than females. Spider monkeys range from 14 to 26 inches in body length with a tail up to 35 inches in length. On average, they weigh anywhere from 13 to 24 pounds. Habitat and Distribution Spider monkeys spend their lives in trees of tropical rain forests in Central and South America. Their habitat ranges from southern Mexico to Brazil. Spider monkeys live in Central and South America. Jackhynes / Wikimedia Commons Diet Most of the spider monkeys diet consists of fruit. However, when fruit is scarce, they eat flowers, leaves, and insects. The lead female within a group organizes foraging. If food is abundant, the group feeds together, but it will split if resources are scarce. Most feeding occurs in the early morning hours, but spider monkeys feed throughout the day and sleep in trees at night. Behavior The average spider monkey group ranges from 15 to 25 individuals. The closest bonds are between females and their offspring. Males also group together. Unlike most primate species, it is the females rather than the males that disperse at puberty and join new groups. Spider monkeys are highly intelligent. They communicate using vocalizations, scent marking with urine and feces, and body postures. Reproduction and Offspring The female spider monkey selects her mate from within her social group. Gestation lasts between 226 to 232 days, usually resulting in a single offspring, but sometimes twins. The female has sole care of her young, which she carries with her as she forages. Her offspring tightly wraps its tail around its mothers midsection or tail. Spider monkeys reach sexual maturity between 4 and 5 years of age. Females only bear offspring once every three or four years. Young males sometimes commit infanticide within their group to increase their chance of mating. In the wild, spider monkeys may live 20 to 27 years.They may live over 40 years in captivity. Geoffroys spider monkey with young. Mark Newman / Getty Images Conservation Status All spider monkey populations are decreasing. The IUCN classifies the conservation status of the Guiana spider monkey (Ateles paniscus) as vulnerable. Four species are endangered. The variegated spider monkey (Ateles hybridus) and brown-headed spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps) are critically endangered. Spider Monkeys and Humans Humans are the main threat to spider monkey survival. The monkeys are widely hunted as food and suffer from habitat loss due to deforestation. Some populations live in protected areas. Spider monkeys are susceptible to malaria and are used as research animals in studies of the disease. Sources Cuarà ³n, A.D., Morales, A., Shedden, A., Rodriguez-Luna, E., de Grammont, P.C.; Cortà ©s-Ortiz, L. Ateles geoffroyi. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2008: e.T2279A9387270. doi:10.2305/IUCN.UK.2008.RLTS.T2279A9387270.enGroves, C.P. in Wilson, D.E.; Reeder, D.M. (eds.). Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd ed.). Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005. ISBN 0-801-88221-4.Kinzey, W. G. New world primates: ecology, evolution, and behavior. Aldine Transaction, 1997. ISBN 978-0-202-01186-8.Mittermeier, R.A. Locomotion and Posture in Ateles geoffroyi and Ateles paniscus. Folia Primatologica. 30 (3): 161–193, 1978. doi:10.1159/000155862Mittermeier, R.A., Rylands, A.B.; Boubli, J. Ateles paniscus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2019: e.T2283A17929494.

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Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Critical Thinking - Essay Example verall there are various arguments placed suggesting the use of various important methods of rhetoric and language however the use of language is not appropriate at some place as Williams sometimes provide unilateral treatment to the issues. The first paragraph of the easy is very confusing in nature as Williams has tried to make a connection between the inefficiencies in governance with the money of the Tax payers. Further there is also a contrast in the argument when he mentions the secrecy provision which do not seem to be in continuation with the earlier sentences in the paragraph. The use of the word Political neglect in the subsequent paragraph points towards a general climate in the country where political rights of the individuals are completely neglected. This is unfair in the sense that it provides a very extremist view against the performance of the past Australian governments and almost unilaterally declares past Australian Governments as failure. The next stage of the paper is contrasting with the arguments made in the later part of the article. Williams do not seem to support its claims made in earlier part of the essay with that of being made in the later part. Williams use the word â€Å"rare opportunity to tackle them head on† suggests Author’s complete ignorance of the historical evolution of Australia. This also suggests that Williams is trying to stamp his conclusion in the article in earlier part of the paper. Being a scholar of high repute therefore does not necessarily means that the Williams is an authority in making conclusions based on pure use of guess work. In the next stage of his article Williams use the word â€Å"Stark Choice† which in itself an indication of the totality of his argument and suggest the use of language in the most of the part of the article as concluding in nature. Similarly in the following paragraph Williams make a contrasting argument that local government should remain in Australia. This is again a deviation